Nurturing the kitchen
of tomorrow

Our technologies know hidden connections between ingredients and foodies.
That, coupled with tons of data and content, is a powerful base for products of the future.


Nutritional value

Energy 54 kcal
Protein 0.6 g
Carbohydrate 14.4 g
Fat 0.2 g

Frequently used with

Red Wine, Pumpkin, Cocoa

Many more to be revealed

Stay tuned!

“Google for Food”

As Internet of Things is gaining momentum, we would like to play a great role
at the intersection of all things food related and newest technologies.

Starting from mobile devices and webservices, through wearable devices like smart watches and ending on smart appliances
(e.g. fridges, ovens). We take a holistic approach to Food Tech through a set of complimentary products and technologies.
Our company’s success is based on those three pillars:

Food Graph

Food Graph

Organised tons of data and knowledge about food, foodies and their relations. An ongoing, always hungry technology though fed with data realtime.



Design, which is at the heart of our company, powered with tech innovations are key ingredients for tomorrow’s products. For a better, simpler life.



With almost 50 000 recipes on our network from bloggers and foodies from around the world we know what’s cooking. That’s just for starters.

Cooklet Co. is aiming to provide data and content to 100M users worldwide by 2020.
So far we launched Cooklet App, Happie and Cook’d that have been well-received and recognized worldwide.


Nurture your well-being

A smart & simple five-meals-a-day plan. Your private nutrition assistant, always there to remind you when and what to eat.

Forget about logging your food in order to lose weight or eat healthy. Happie recommends you balanced meals based on your preferences and notifies you when it’s time to eat. Eating well, mixed with physical activities, is a solid foundation of a happie life.

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The Cooking Assistant

1M downloads worldwide. Featured by Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and BlackBerry among others.

Our Android application is one of the most advanced recipe apps built. With features like realtime cooking, voice control of the application and instructions being read as you cook it truly stands out from the crowd. It’s a great cooking assistant with social interactions and vibrant community of foodies.

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Social cooking network

Installed on almost 200 blogs and counting.
Reaching an audience of 400k foodies monthly.

Cook'd is an interactive widget for food sites that makes cooking even more fun. We love cooking from blogs but there was no quick way to share that the recipe works and is delicious. To give a slice of our satisfaction both to friends and bloggers we created Cook’d, an easy way to share your cooking story.

Cook'd - share what's cooking


Cooklet The Food Tech Company

Cooklet was launched in 2010 and initially funded as part of an Open Screen Project initiative led by Adobe Inc. Later on,
successful entrepreneurs joined as mentors and shareholders fueling Cooklet’s dynamic growth and development of its technologies.

Recognised and awarded internationally e.g. amongst 20 best mobile apps at Mobile Premier Awards 2013 in Barcelona, Winner of App Circus 2012
in Orlando and Public Choice Award at New Europe Venture Contest. In May 2014 winner of The Best Digital Cookbook Category
at XIX. Gourmand Awards, World Cookbook Fair in Beijing.

mobile premier awards Samsung smart app challenge 2013 Gourmand International Achievement Awards 2013

#CookletDreamTeam – we hire the best people. From Ph.D. nutritionists to young IT engineers working smart and hard to change the world.
Their skills and enthusiasm are the base of our success.