Tortiglioni alla carbonara

Total time: 25 Min.
Active time: 15 Min.
Difficulty: 2
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for 3 Serves


  • tortiglioni 300 Gram 300 Gram tortiglioni 300 Gram
  • egg 2 Piece 2 Piece egg 2 Piece
  • bacon 2 Slice 2 Slice bacon 2 Slice
  • pepper  At discretion  At discretion pepper At discretion
  • sheep cheese  At discretion  At discretion sheep cheese At discretion
  • salt  At discretion  At discretion salt At discretion
  • oil  At discretion  At discretion oil At discretion


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  • 1.

    put water to boil with a bit of salt

  • 2.

    cut the slices of bacon in little nuts

  • 3.

    put the bacon in a pan with oil and let brown

  • 4.

    put the eggs in a bowl with a bit of salt, some of pepper and a spoon of grated sheep cheese; slam all until becomes a batter evenly.

  • 5.

    when the water is boiling toss the pasta

  • 6.

    when the pasta is cooked: drain it, join it with the batter of eggs and the brown bacon, and put another time on fire to make solid the eggs.

  • 7.

    at this time serve it with a generous splash of pepper.



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