Jambon au Persil - jellied ham with parsley on Burgundy

Total time: 1 Hours.
Active time: 1 Hours.
Difficulty: 3
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for 6 Serves

Ingredients for the broth:

  • pork shoulder 1 Piece 1 Piece pork shoulder 1 Piece
  • pork feet 3 Piece 3 Piece pork feet 3 Piece
  • Vegetables  At discretion  At discretion Vegetables At discretion
    (the broth (carrots, leek, onion, celery))
  • thyme  At discretion  At discretion thyme At discretion
  • cloves  At discretion  At discretion cloves At discretion
  • bay leaf  At discretion  At discretion bay leaf At discretion
  • white wine  At discretion  At discretion white wine At discretion
  • salt  At discretion  At discretion salt At discretion
  • black peppercorns  At discretion  At discretion black peppercorns At discretion
  • parsley leaves  At discretion  At discretion parsley leaves At discretion
    (finely chopped, as an additive when filling containers)

Ingredients for jelly:

  • garlic 5 Clove 5 Clove garlic 5 Clove
  • onion 2 Piece 2 Piece onion 2 Piece
  • lard 1 Tablespoon 1 Tablespoon lard 1 Tablespoon
  • white wine 250 Mililiter 250 Mililiter white wine 250 Mililiter
  • gelatine 2 Piece 2 Piece gelatine 2 Piece
    (2 flakes)
  • creme Fraiche 125 Mililiter 125 Mililiter creme Fraiche 125 Mililiter
  • meat stock 750 Mililiter 750 Mililiter meat stock 750 Mililiter
  • salt  At discretion  At discretion salt At discretion
  • black pepper  At discretion  At discretion black pepper At discretion
    (freshly ground)


  • vinaigrette sauce  At discretion  At discretion vinaigrette sauce At discretion
  • baguette  At discretion  At discretion baguette At discretion
    (hunk of freshly baked baguettes)


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  • 1.

    Prepare a decoction by boiling the ingredients about 3 hours.

  • 2.

    Strain and leave to prepare the necessary number of jelly.

  • 3.

    Peel and cut the meat into small pieces.

  • 4.

    Prepare the jelly: finely diced garlic and onions frying in lard, add white wine and fry until evaporation.

  • 5.

    Soaked gelatine to add to roux, add the creme fraiche and drained the stock.

  • 6.

    Mix thoroughly and season to taste.

  • 7.

    Fill the container a small amount of jelly, and then put layers: parsley, meat, pour jelly and lay another layer, until all ingredients.

  • 8.

    Cool at least 12 hours.

  • 9.

    Serve with vinaigrette sauce and a piece of fresh baguette.


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