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Cookletter of the month - February 2011

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We are guided 'With a fork through London' by a culinary blogger Sylwia Filozof.

When did you start writing your culinary blog?

I run my culinary blog since July 2008, although the plan for it was in my mind earlier. I began to explore other culinary blogs at that time - I can say that it inspired me to create my own set of recipes.

What brings you pleasure and what is the biggest difficulty while running the blog?

The biggest pleasure for me is that I can share my recipes with a wider circle of people, not just family and friends. It is very nice if someone will test any of my dishes with positive results and will share it with me in a comment or e-mail. This would not have happened if I didn't own the blog.

However, the biggest difficulty is the time that I dedicate to the blog. This is not always as much time as I want but unfortunately the duties outside the kitchen does not allow me to invest more time in the blog, at least for now. There is also a problem with a light which is important when I am taking pictures of dishes. Often I get home at a time when it is already quite dark outside so the photos do not look the way I wanted, but I'm working on it :)

What do you do to get culinary inspired?

Usually I use cookbooks, collecting of which is my addiction. I also have my notebook where I write all the recipes that I am planing to prepare. In addition I am reading other oulinary blogs, also in foreign language and there I am looking for inspiration and new flavors.

On your website you wrote that 'I miss Poland and the places I know'. Does it show in the kitchen?

Sometimes it appears in the dishes that I prepare. Then I cook something that reminds me of places and people I know, love and miss. The places to which I am coming back in my mind. I am from Bieszczady Mountains and I do appreciate the freedom which is sensed differently here because of the turmoil of big London but I think it's a matter of habit, which I have not yet worked out.

What are your advices for other Polish people blogging abroad?

Giving advices is not my forte, I'm in London too short and a lot of things still amaze me. I can only wish everybody the persistence in blogging. You shouldn't be discouraged if something goes wrong or not the way you want it.

Which meal you like to prepare the most?

Just a few weeks ago I would say that all the dishes which have infinite possibilities - different type of chicken stew, rice dishes. Now I enjoy sweet baking which is still so rare on my blog but I hope that will change soon.

Is there someone who inspires you culinarily?

My mother is my inspiration. Her cuisine gave me a good start in my own cooking adventures. Often she suggests me the recipe that she used before and she is giving me very valuable advices, despite the kilometers that separate us. I think that she is for me, in this area, an authority and an inspiration.

What is your opinion about Cooklet?

I believe that this is one of the best platforms which I have ever used. First of all, I appreciate Cooklet for clean layout and ease of use, especially when adding new recipes. An interesting idea is the interactive cookbook that I realy like. Very important for me is the approach towards the users, which is excellent on Cooklet. I know that you can always count on the support if you find a technical problem.

Profile of Sylwia Filozof on Cooklet: Fiolunka