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Cookletter of the month - October 2010

main picture ShowMeTheCurry

When did you first start cooking?

Hetal : I started cooking around the age of 10.  Though I never made an entire dish, my mother would always insist I help her with chopping, stirring, kneading dough for chapati, etc.  I started actually cooking on my own around age 14.

How did you (Anuja and Hetal) meet and start Show me the curry?

Hetal : Anuja and I met around 18 years ago.  Her husband (though she and he were not married at the time) and I went to the same University.  A few years back, we coincidently became neighbors.  We both love cooking and entertaining so we thought ShowMeTheCurry would be a fun way of keeping busy and helping others out there who needed step by step instructions to cook Indian food.

How does Show me the Curry look behind the scenes?

Hetal : ShowMeTheCurry happens in our home kitchen but during those filming hours, it looks like a studio kitchen...lights, cameras, action!

Which are your favourite dishes to prepare?

Hetal : We both love Reshmi Kebabs, Masala Egg Paratha and Vegetable Biryani.

What is the most important aspect of cooking for you?

Hetal : The most important aspect to cooking for both of us is to be able to provide healthy meals to our families.

Is there any person that inspires you?

Hetal : Without naming names, what inspires us is the woman who can keep her family happy without stressing out.

What advice do you have for those who want to start cooking?

Hetal : Anyone new to cooking has to take "the plunge".  Once they start, there is no looking back.  Never be afraid to mess up and never be afraid to experiment.

What do you like about the Cooklet platform?

Hetal : Cooklet gives various different chefs/home cooks a chance to be in the limelight.  It is also very user friendly.