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Get to know better your readers and find new ones!

Let us introduce you to Want’d, Cook’d & Fav’d - new interactions on Cooklet. Thanks to them you can see which of your recipes are the most popular and most wanted ;) You might be suprised by which of your dishes are the most inspiring and loved.

Next to each recipe you will see this little yellow Cook’d button which is brilliant invention of our team! But we will talk about that a bit later…

Don’t forget that Cooklet is multinational platform. You will meet people from all around the world, so why not to use it and reach some readers from other countires? And remember - only one click stands between your recipe here and on your blog! :)

Be a part of an international community of food bloggers.

Exchanging experiences and skills is pretty easy here. You can show other foodies your favourite dishes, get to know new tastes and develope your culinary wisdom ;) Help less experienced users - become a mentor to all of those who are starting their adventure with cooking - satisfaction guaranteed! And you can always get advices from other bloggers - everything that in one place :)

We really want to make Cooklet friendly place, so we’re also focusing on new products. One of them is Cook’d - yellow button which we introduced at this year’s Food Blogger Connect in London. Thanks to it you can see how your recipes are made by other people - how cool is that? Check out more info at www.cookd.it!

Simply enjoy!

Add photos, get inspire by other recipes and recommend them to your new friends. Be in touch with other foodies and simply enjoy the effects of your work. Feels good, doesn't it?

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